niedziela, 23 marca 2008

Making Money By Doing Almost Nothing in 2 Easy Steps


Go to AlertPay. This is the service that will be keeping your money. Click “Sign Up” to register, select an account type (Personal Starter will be fine) and fill in the forms. Your AlertPay e-mail address will be required in the second step.


Go to This is the service in which you will earn money. Click “Join now and receive a $0.05 Sign-up Bonus” and register with your username, password, personal e-mail and the AlertPay e-mail (these two can be the same) and so on. Leave the referrer as is (or type romek1980 if this field is empty) because by doing this you will get additional money at the start. That’s it! And how do you earn some bucks? Well, you just click the links in’s “Surf Ads” section and view each opened website for 30 seconds. Nothing more! Then get some referrers and start earning five, ten or even hundred times more!